The Wheel – by Neil Scotton

Nov 2, 2022

It is empty
You have much
Reaching out. Touch
No attack so no defence
No theory so no argument
Just your truth
The empty receives
Just watch
The separation within without closes
Parts connect
Become one
Smile. Relief.

Everyone has a piece of the puzzle
Part of
Whole but not fully whole
Clear but not fully clear
More pieces than a mind can imagine
How could they possibly come together?
No one could possibly know
Find my piece. Wonder. Wander.
Mine very different to yours?
No problem: just different parts of the one picture
Mine fits yours?
Smile. Relief.

Settling into place together
My piece makes more sense
I see myself more clearly
I see you more clearly
I see the emerging picture
You see it too
We see it differently?
It is still the same
The whole picture is more than I can take in
No worry. I trust the artist.

– Neil Scotton