The Neil’s Wheel Introductory Experience

Would you like be full of confidence when you introduce Neil’s Wheel to your clients? With the Neil’s Wheel Introductory Experience you get to learn alongside other professional coaches, gaining knowledge and experience through interactive calls and co-coaching. The Experience is a great place to explore questions like:

  • How will I introduce people to it? That can be existing clients, past clients, new prospects, and groups and communities you are involved with.
  • How can I integrate the Wheel with my personal style and my favourite approaches?
  • How can I use it to be part of the impact I want to bring to the world whilst always honouring the client’s agenda?
  • How can I use the Wheel to build my practice and have more of the coaching conversations I’ve always wanted?

What is it like to be part of a Neil’s Wheel Experience?

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 What do you get?

  • Four interactive calls with Neil and support team.
  • A live demonstration.
  • Access to a developing wealth of resources.
  • Co-coaching (where you experience both coaching a cohort colleague, and being coached yourself, using the Wheel).
  • Reflective practices.
  • A community space providing continuous opportunities to share, ask, and learn with cohort colleagues, Neil Scotton and guest coaches.


The requirements for taking part in the Introductory Experience are:

  • You are a current member of a major coaching organisation and subscribe to their professional code of ethics.
  • You can attend the scheduled group calls (calls are recorded if you have to miss an occasional live call) and commit to reading/viewing the learning resources.
  • You agree to pro-actively take part in the co-coaching sessions, bringing real subject matter to the session when you are in the ‘client’ role. (You may contract with your coach/client in the co-coaching for more than the 1 hour minimum co-coaching if you both wish).


People who have taken part in the Neil’s Wheel Introductory Experience have said…

How does it work?

  • Simply register below for the cohort you want to join.
  • Once you’ve registered, and entry requirements have been confirmed, you will receive payment details and full sign-up instructions.

Dates, registration and price

Cohort 8

Please note – REVISED TIMES!



  • 19th Oct 2021 – Setting off together
  • 2nd Nov – Progress check-in 1 + Demo
  • 16th Nov – Progress check-in 2
  • 7th Dec – Celebrations and next steps

Call times:

08.00 London
09.00 Paris
12.30 Mumbai
15.00 Manila
18.00 Sydney

All calls 90 minutes except the call on 16th November which is 120 minutes

The price for Cohort 8 is £150

Closing date for registration 13th October 2021

Click here to register (opens in a new tab).

Cohort 9


  • 17th Jan 2022 – Setting off together
  • 31st Jan – Progress check-in 1 + Demo
  • 21st Feb – Progress check-in 2
  • 7th Mar – Celebrations and next steps

Call times:

09.00 Los Angeles
12.00 New York
17.00 London
18.00 Paris
19.00 Athens
21.30 Mumbai

All calls 90 minutes except the call on  21st February which is 120 minutes

The price for Cohort 9 is £250

Closing date for registration 10th January 2022

Click here to register (opens in a new tab).

If the dates on offer above aren’t suitable for you but you’d like to be informed about future dates when they are announced, please let us know here.

    We will only use your details to let you know you about future opportunities to take part in the Neil’s Wheel Introductory Experience, in line with our Privacy Policy.