Proving Neil’s Wheel

Aug 2, 2020

In the spring of 2020, 20 experienced coaches put the wheel through a rigorous, experiential, action-learning based trial. The minimum level of experience was 3 years professional coaching, 500 hours professionally logged experience, and membership of a major professional coaching organisation including commitment and adherence to their code of ethics.

The trial included co-coaching, where each beta-tester coached a peer in a session (or series of sessions) using the wheel. And then in turn was coached by another peer. Detailed data was gathered from each coaching conversation.

A sub-team formed to objectively and impartially review the anonymised data, especially looking into the areas of safety and effectiveness.

In addition, regular community calls, specific topic calls, and sharing of research happened throughout. The words, content, quotes and advice from that research is quoted on this site.

The key findings – The way that people engaged with the tool was extraordinarily diverse. The positive feedback of the experience, and the value of the tool in enabling the conversation, was extraordinarily consistent. The research team concluded that it was safe to proceed to open use of the tool by individuals and less experienced coaches, and that in itself the tool was effective – recognising as with all coaching and similar services, that effects and results could not be guaranteed – it depends on the person/people in the conversation.

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