I saw the Wheel do the work…

Oct 12, 2020

As part of the sharing with her colleagues in Cohort 1 of the Neil’s Wheel Experience for professional coaches, Rashmi Shetty told how she has introduced Neil’s Wheel to a client. Shared with you here, she describes how the client deepened their own exploration and awareness, found a greater and unexpected connection with the environment, and is now experiencing a daily joy. She tells how Neil’s Wheel did so much of the work for her, because it provided a comfortable space for the client to be with their own thinking and feelings, releasing her to simply focus on the client, ask great questions, and be with them on their journey of discovery.

If you’d like to explore how Neil’s Wheel can help you as a professional coach and your clients have more of the ‘conversations that matter’ that you both want, without worrying about imposing agendas, needing great depth of expert knowledge or indeed anything other than your professional competencies and ethics, you too might want to have a look at the Neil’s Wheel Experience opportunities.

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