How to open up conversations that drive change for a better world: easily, consistently & confidently

Aug 28, 2020

Are you a coach or leader that’s shocked, upset or inspired to make a difference by what you’re seeing in the news?

Together with #Janet Harvey we’re speaking on HOW TO OPEN UP CONVERSATIONS THAT DRIVE CHANGE FOR A BETTER WORLD: EASILY, CONSISTENTLY AND CONFIDENTLY at the Be. Choose. Cause. 2020 Global Leaders Conference 9-11th Sept.

We’ll be sharing Neil’s Wheel, a tool beta-tested by highly experienced coaches that enables you (and your clients/team) to align what’s happening deep within you with the effect you want to have at work, in the world and for the future. Find your piece of the puzzle and help others find theirs. Create the legacy you want. Come and join us. And see the many other great speakers and sessions.

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