Before taking that leap…

Mar 17, 2023

Veronica Lysaght

Veronica Lysaught was on the edge of a big decision – should she take a leap into the unknown and leave normal life behind to sail a schooner between continents, raising awareness of climate change, supporting coastal communities, and connecting people to the impacts of climate change through science, education, art and adventure? It was hugely enticing. But with equally huge implications.

Neil’s Wheel has many applications – and one is as a surprisingly fast sense-check before a decision. As Veronica explains, “With a friend as a sounding board, I just went round all the segments: what were the financial implications? Does it connect with what matters to me in what is happening for humans, and in the environment? Does it align with the legacy I want to leave? And my values? Will it be fulfilling? Could it inspire and enable others? What else might I need and want to consider before deciding?? Any doubts were quickly soothed. I really wanted to do this. And now I was sure it was the right decision.”

Could you use the Wheel for checking a significant decision that you, or someone you support, is looking at?

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