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Latest News

Neil’s Wheel now available in French

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Neil’s Wheel to be discussed at conference in USA

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Using the wheel with teenagers

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New resource added

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Dates for your Diary

Alumni Co-coaching

Monday 8th February 2021

This is a turn up and enjoy event. A great way to build depth of experience in working with this tool. Simply join the Zoom call, connect with others, break into pairs and triads, experience the co-coaching, then come back together again and share.

07.00-08.30 CET • 08.00-09.30 GMT • 13.30-15.00 IST

Click here for the Zoom link to use on the day
Meeting ID: 880 2318 2507
Passcode: 672676

State of the Union

Welcome! This is where together we are evolving a safe, inspiring, supportive community who wish to continue to share and learn so that individually and together we can help make more good things happen, using Neil’s Wheel. Currently this is only open to Beta-Testers and those who have completed the Neil’s Wheel Experience. As this evolves we hope you will enjoy:

  • Connection with a global community of professional coaches who are clearly committed to positive change, including peer and community calls and professional sharing and reflection opportunities.
  • Collaborative learning and sharing on a huge range of potential subjects, mainly driven with and by alumni. The intent here is to support people who see connections between the wheel and an area of interest or expertise of theirs, so that we can increase and share learning that helps the Wheel do more good in the world. To name but a few that are in the melting pot at the moment: Neil’s Wheel and…
    • Supporting catalysts of social change
    • Supporting environmental action,
    • Teams
    • Supervision and for Supervisors
    • Embodied / somatic coaching techniques,
    • Our inner journeys / vertical development
    • Introducing Neil’s Wheel to existing and potential clients

Initially membership is free. As the Alumni builds, this may change as we will be exploring membership possibilities as a way of funding this site and the related activities in bringing this tool to the world, to enable people globally to make a positive difference. Whatever happens, any changes will be clear and openly discussed, and you will be in choice. No shenanigans!