A brief word about the design of the wheel

Aug 5, 2020

Financial, Human, Environment: The choice of these was inspired by the work of John Elkington and what became known as ‘The Triple Bottom Line for responsible organisations and ventures: People, Profit, Planet’.

As the beginning of a tool for holistic insight and systemic change, these were the seed crystals.

From coaching, change and leadership experience, there had to be more connection between the actions and us as unique people, and our motivations and inspirations, and our own deeper purposes and human needs.

Legacy in part does this by inviting us to look out over time at the ripple out of our decisions and actions (and potentially avoidances and inactions) and what the consequences will be for others. And how we feel about that.

Values/Calling/Meaning/Purpose invite us to go deeper and connect with what guides and motivates us. There are profound inside<->outside, thoughts<->feelings connections happening at these levels.

‘Whole Life’ Fulfilment invites us to look at life as a whole; all of the parts across its whole span, and check in with the feeling.

Enabling the Greatness in Others is inviting us to not get caught in ‘this is all about me’.

The blank section represents whatever may be important and so far missing for everyone as unique individuals. It can be subdivided into different parts/aspects to ensure the wheel represents ‘the whole’.

The intent of combining these themes is to enable the holistic, systemic experience of exploring the interconnected relationships between the parts of ourselves, others, the world around us and time, and so the choices, actions effects and consequences available to us are informed, make sense, and feel right.

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