Neil’s Wheel en Français!


From the beginning, the vision has been for the Wheel to be available freely to people all around the world.

That now comes a step closer with the Wheel and the Universal Questions translated into French. This work has been kindly undertaken by Laetitia Antonowicz, with support from Andra Morosi and Amel Sedaoui of the Climate Coaching Alliance francophone chapter. A fully translated page (with the same contents as the Spanish page) is in the works.

Feel free to download and use this French translated version of the Wheel freely

Neils Wheel in French thumbnail

Please also find attached the Universal Questions translated into French

Neils Wheel universal questions in French thumbnail


Nous tenons à remercier Andra Morosi, Laeticia Antonowicz et Amel Sedaoui pour l’aide fabuleuse qu’ils ont apportée à la réalisation de cette traduction de la Roue et des ressources connexes.

If your first language is other than English, French or Spanish and you would like to be part of translating the Wheel into that language, please get in contact.