Opening new realms of possibility

Mar 16, 2023

Stephanie Marisca

The world is changing. And leaders are changing with it. Stephanie Marisca is a coach working from the US East Coast. She explains, “Clients mainly used to talk about their output. Now increasingly it’s about the impact the world is having on them, how they are showing up in response, and the choices they are making.”

Neil’s Wheel is really helping her support clients in these conversations. She shares an example of a senior Vice-President at the top of their career. “The Wheel changed his perspective on life, and how to make the next 5 years in his job the best ever. He began using ‘Enabling the greatness in others’ to explore what was going on for friends, family and at work. Was he doing enough? Could he do things differently?” Stephanie recalls. “With that change of focus, he’s changed as a leader. He’s much more engaged with his teams and direct reports. He’s deeply exploring how he can do more to empower them.”

Stephanie loves her coaching work when this happens, “Something clicks for them that hadn’t clicked before. When that synapse fires, it can’t be switched off. I love it!

A great joy in conversations is when new realms of possibility open up. “The Wheel helps make this possible. And reminds me of our potential as humans,” says Stephanie.