Neil’s Wheel: Your catalyst for extraordinary conversations

The Wheel, already available in English, Spanish and French (with more languages on the way), is being used globally by:

Professional coaches, coach supervisors, professional coaching bodies & communities

Individuals and teams in business, government, NGO's, charities and communities

Neil’s Wheel enables remarkable insight and awareness. Loved by coaches and clients alike, it helps people to explore, unpack, discover, clarify, connect, decide and act. People making use of it include…
Climate & social change activists
Those shaping their careers
Entrepreneurs starting new ventures
Indigenous first nation youth dealing with extreme challenges
CEO’s exploring their leadership
Hospices & by those approaching end of life
Those wanting an ongoing deep exploration to shape a balanced life of fulfilment, contribution & peace of mind

And by teachers, health professionals, legal professionals, ministers of faith, delegates at COP26, and many others

What could it do for you, your clients, and all you care about?

Practice and learn more with professional colleagues – Join an Introductory Experience!

It’s been life- changing!

Yene Assegid
Introductory Experience participant 2021

The Neil’s Wheel Introductory Experience is exactly that – an experience.

It gives you real, experiential, embodied learning and reflective spaces. It is deeply based in both professional coaching principles and the unique spirit that is behind the Wheel. It’s the perfect place to practice with the Wheel, and gain knowledge, experience and confidence.

Heather Munro

“Coming on a cohort is like opening up a field of possibility – empowering, spacious and energising.”

Heather Monro
Ruthlessly compassionate thinking partner for aspirational leaders

Veronica Lysaght

“It’s been a delight! I have learned about the Wheel. And I have learned about myself.”

Veronica Lysaught
Founder, Leading with Humanity

Rashmi Shetty

“Coaching each other in these cohorts taps into “Being Human” across cultures.”

Rashmi Shetty
Self Expression Coach

What is it like to be part of a Neil’s Wheel Experience?

Video screenshot

What do you get?

  • Coaching experience with the Wheel, experience of being coached with the Wheel, and reflective space with colleagues
  • Interactive and reflective spaces facilitated by Neil and a support team. These help you to:
    • Deepen your understanding of the Wheel and its background
    • Design your co-coaching experience
    • Develop your knowledge, competence and confidence of coaching withe the Wheel
    • Explore how you can integrate the Wheel with your current tools and coaching style
    • Discover how you can have the impact you want to have in the world
    • Decide how you can use the Wheel to reach out to new clients, and open new conversations with existing ones, whilst always honouring their agenda
  • A live demonstration in coaching with the Wheel by Neil
  • Access to a developing wealth of resources
  • The opportunity to join the Alumni of previous Cohorts and the original Beta-Testers of the Wheel

About the Alumni

Janet M Harvey

“…a life-affirming, compassionate learning community… a priceless experience”

Janet M. Harvey
Coach, author, educator and CEO for inviteCHANGE


In order to take part, you will need to:

  • Be part of a major coaching organisation and subscribe to their code of ethics
  • Be able to attend the scheduled group calls (calls are recorded if you have to miss an occasional live call) and commit to reading/viewing the learning resources.
  • Pro-actively take part in the co-coaching sessions, bringing real subject matter to the session when you are in the ‘client’ role.

How does it work?

  • Simply register below for the cohort you want to join.
  • Once entry requirements have been confirmed, you will receive full sign-up instructions including donation details.
  • We are trialling a ‘by donation’ approach. There is a recommended fee for the Experience, but we recognise that people’s situations vary greatly, and that we wish to ensure that everything is accessible to all. So you can choose the amount you actually pay based upon your circumstances, preferences, desire to support this work etc.
  • All monies raised help make it possible to enable people globally to have free access to the Wheel and supporting resources, so that many more conversations can happen that help build a better now and a better future.

What may surprise you

Many coaches join a Cohort to learn about the Wheel. What they also often experience is deep insight into their current coaching practise, their lives and the events of our times – experiencing agency to enable change in new, powerful and healthy ways.


Book your place now!

Cohort 8


  • 17th Jan 2022 – Setting off together
  • 31st Jan – Group learning & reflection + Demo
  • 21st Feb – Group learning & reflection
  • 7th Mar – Celebrations and next steps

Call times:

09.00 Los Angeles
12.00 New York
17.00 London
18.00 Paris
19.00 Athens

All calls 90 minutes except the call on
31st January which is 120 minutes

By donation – the suggested price is £250

Closing date for registration
10th January 2022

Click here to register (opens in a new tab).

Cohort 9


  • 10th May 2022 – Setting off together
  • 24th May – Group learning & reflection + Demo
  • 7th June – Group learning & reflection
  • 21st June – Celebrations and next steps

Call times:

08.00 London
09:00 Paris
10:00 Athens
12:30 Mumbai
15:00 Singapore
17:00 Sydney

All calls 90 minutes except the call on
24th May which is 120 minutes

By donation – the suggested price is £250

Closing date for registration
1st May 2022

Click here to register (opens in a new tab).

Cohort 10


  • 4th October 2022 – Setting off together
  • 18th Oct – Group learning & reflection + Demo
  • 1st Nov – Group learning & reflection
  • 15th Nov – Celebrations and next steps

Call times:

07.00 / 08:00 * New York
12.00 London
13.00 Paris
14.00 Athens
16.30 / 17:30 * Mumbai
19:00 / 20:00 * Singapore
* Variations due to daylight savings in Europe

All calls 90 minutes except the call on
18th October which is 120 minutes

By donation – the suggested price is £250

Closing date for registration
24th September 2022

Click here to register (opens in a new tab).

If the dates on offer above aren’t suitable for you but you’d like to be informed about future dates when they are announced, please let us know here.

    We will only use your details to let you know you about future opportunities to take part in the Neil’s Wheel Introductory Experience, in line with our Privacy Policy.