Introducing Neil’s Wheel to the German Coaching Community – 12th November 2020

Aug 3, 2020

Neil will be speaking about Neil’s Wheel as part of Coachingtag 2020 hosted by the ICF Coaching community in Germany on 12th and 13th November 2020.

The subject of his talk will be:

How to open up conversations that drive change for a better world – easily, consistently and confidently

For coaches who care about the ripple out of their work, and for anyone who wants to find their piece of the puzzle in building a better future that also brings more personal satisfaction and fulfilment, this session introduces Neil’s Wheel. It’s a simple, free tool, tested by highly experienced coaches and found to consistently and easily enable the bigger conversations. It helps people raise their personal insight and awareness, and discover their agency in making a difference in the world. If you care about what’s happening in business, society, and the environment, you’ll want to be here. You’ll discover the wheel, you’ll learn the psychology and practicality underlying its simplicity, you’ll have a go using it yourself, and you’ll consider how you can use it yourself and with your organisation/clients.

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