Using Neil’s Wheel to speak with more clients, more easily about the climate & more – 17th August (watch the recording) & 21st September 2020

Aug 14, 2020

Would you like an easy way to consistently open deeper conversations with clients? Something that can get them reflecting on the environment, and more. Something that helps them connect what’s happening out in the world, and within them, and potentially step into their agency to respond and make good things happen. What if you could do all this without you having to be a subject matter expert in the environment, circular economics or anything at all other than coaching? Neil’s Wheel is a fabulous tool, beta tested by experienced coaches to do just this. Curious?

Neil is running a learning lab consisting of two linked sessions for CCA members. The first event is to help people learn about how to use Neil’s Wheel and its potential impact. Participants will then have the opportunity to test it out for themselves before coming back to a second event where they can share learning and insights.

Neil’s Wheel Learning Lab Session 1 – Monday 17th August

Here is a recording of the first session.

Neil’s Wheel Learning Lab Session 2 – Monday 21st September

Please follow the links to register at either:

Find out more about the Climate Change Alliance at their website

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