Using Neil’s Wheel to drive change for a better world – 9th to 11th September 2020

Aug 14, 2020

Neil will be speaking at the 2020 Be.Choose.Cause. Global Leaders Conference (BCC) this September.

BCC is a virtual social progress event driven by the vehicle of coaching, offering the rare opportunity to sit at the feet of global change agents. The event is designed to: convene the conversation about the key global issues of Climate Emergency, Healthy Communities, Human Trafficking and Racial Injustice. Attendees will be equipped by global thought leaders and experts to find their voice, learn where and how to contribute, and deploy.

This is an opportunity to learn how to engage in social activism and philanthropy beyond writing a check, align specific causes with expertise for greatest impact, teach competencies for leaders ready to do cause work, and form an ecosystem for ongoing conversation and success tracking, year to year.

Neil’s talk will be 10:30 – 11:30 AM (EST) on Friday 11th September 2020, with the title:

How to open up conversations that drive change for a better world – easily, consistently and confidently

and is described as follows:

Introducing a free tool for catalysts, concerned citizens, professional coaches and clients that easily and consistently opens up deeper, inspiring and transformative conversations.

Find out how you can align what’s happening deep within you to the effect you want your work and life to have in the world and for the future

“Recent events have demonstrated how interconnected we all are; as humans, with our planet, and with a shared future. And how disconnected we can feel; between the parts of yourself and between what’s happening in the world, what you want to see, and the effect you can have.

Most of your leadership and development tools are still based in the Individual level of thinking (the idea that success can be achieved as a person, a team, an organisation, or indeed a nation, independent of others). For those who are not happy with where this has taken you, and who want to make things better from where you are now, you need new tools.

Neil’s Wheel is a new tool for unlocking awareness (and, with a thought-partner, a profound conversation) that enables you to connect what is deep within you (your values, purpose, sense of calling) and what is happening in the world and the difference you want to make. It helps you get clearer on the actions you can take now to enable the legacy you wish your life and work to leave. Making those connections, and bringing everything into alignment, unlocks inspiration, energy, purpose, fulfilment and peace of mind. The connections and alignment help you clarify your vision, build your belief and increase your ability to make the difference you want in your work, your life and the world. This session is for catalysts and leaders who want to make a difference. And for coaches who want a tool to unlock powerful conversations with clients who want to make a difference.”

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